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Peggy Hernandez-SOTO

Cold Case Tip Hotline: 833-DPS-SAFE (833-377-7233)

On 7/2/2014, Jose Hernandez-Cantu reported his child, Peggy Angela Hernandez-Soto, had been taken to Chile by her mother, Peggy Mares-Seriche. On 4/13/2014, Jose gave Peggy verbal and written permission to take Peggy Angela to Chili to visit relatives. Jose was told the matter of custody was being presented to a Chilean Judge and should the Judge rule in the Mother’s favor, Jose would never see his child again. Jose has pursued remedies through the department of state, but he has not been able to be reunited with his daughter. On 10/15/2015, the Ogden City Police Department validated that Peggy Angela Hernandez-Soto is still missing.

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