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NIBRS Basic Training

Basic training for the NIBRS (National Incident Based Reporting System) statistical program.  This class will cover the classification of offenses when reporting data in the NIBRS format, how to report information about victims, offenders, and arrestees, and how to use the NIBRS manuals to answer some of your questions.  We will also cover some common problems associated with NIBRS reporting, and answer your questions.

We will also cover the reports that we send back to you; i.e., the “Result Letter,” the “Admin Report” and the “Error Report.”  And finally, we will go over the basics of the supplemental reports that most of you still need to send to BCI on a monthly basis.


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This class will cover the classification of offenses according to the federal definitions, the submission of data to BCI, and how to analyze your data using the reports that BCI and the FBI send you.


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