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On 07/15/2021, the complainant called the Ogden City police department to report her adult brother, 52-year-old Carlos Rios, had left on Monday morning (07/12/2021) to board a train to California. Carlos was supposed to meet family in Oakland but never arrived. Carlos’ phone has been shut off, and no one has been able to contact him. Carlos’ whereabouts are unknown at this time.  Officers were told Carlos does not have any disabilities, and it is strange that he would disappear and not have contact with family members.  Officers attempted to contact Carlos on his cell phone, but the call would not go through, and they were unable to leave a voicemail. Officers sent out an Attempt to Locate the Weber County agencies listing Carlos as an overdue person.  Carlos Gil-Rios was verified as a missing person on 10/30/2023. There have been no law enforcement contacts with him, and he has entered NCIC.

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