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Utah Missing Persons Clearinghouse Functions

  • Assist in the coordination of investigations of missing persons to include adults and children.
  • Entry of all unidentified persons in Utah into the National Crime Information Center.
  • Train Law Enforcement and the public on the Utah AMBER alert and the Endangered Missing Advisory.
  • Notify Utah Vital statistics of all Utah born missing persons for flagging of birth certificates.
  • Maintain the Utah Missing Persons website with information and photos of missing persons and unidetified.
  • Coordinate with Law Enforcement nationwide with missing persons and unidentified persons cases.
  • Act as an information center producing and distributing bulletins, reports, newsletters, and the findings of research studies.
  • Provide a network link to NCIC, FBI, and INTERPOL, for international investigative and information exchange.
  • Collect and maintain computerized data and investigative information on missing persons.
  • Coordinate with and provide assistance to state and local public and private non-profit agencies including those of other states and the federal government, in the location and recovery of missing persons.
  • Establish and operate a statewide, toll-free telephone line for reports of missing persons and reports of sightings of missing persons.
  • Provide a uniform reporting and investigation protocol relating to missing persons for law enforcement agencies within the state
  • Assist in the training of law enforcement, other professionals, and the public on issues relating to missing persons.