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Instant Web Gun Check System (Dealers)

Welcome to the Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification’s web based background checks.

This site is available to assist federally licensed firearms dealers in processing background checks for the purchase of a firearm. The web-based gun checks system allows you to submit background checks via the internet any hour of any day. This will allow you to run transactions more quickly, free up your phone line and personnel, view all checks your store has run in the last twenty days, verify your billing, and check on transactions in research to determine their status.

All that is required to run background checks over the web is a computer or smart phone with internet access so that you may reach our website at If you are looking to set up your business to run checks (either by phone or internet), we will first need a copy of your ATF Federal Firearms License (FFL) along with contact information for the main Point of Contact at your location.  You can then set up yourself and your employees with individual web accounts to submit background check requests.

Each person requesting background checks must have their own individual account.  Each person conducting background checks for your business will be required to sign a user agreement found below. Please use the fillable form, save, then email it to us if possible.  If you need to fill it out by hand, please write legibly to avoid delays in setting up your account.  Note that Social Security Number is not required.  If you choose not to provide your Social Security Number, please provide a short Personal Identification Number (PIN).  We will use that to verify your identity if you call our Help Desk for account problems such as password resets.

The instant web gun check system is user friendly and an instruction manual can be found below. However, if you are interested we are always available to do training over the phone and may be able to schedule training at your store.

To receive access to run web-based background checks, or for questions regarding your existing account, please contact  Please contact our Help Desk at (801) 965-4446 if you need help getting your new password or changing a password that has expired.  You can also download a User Contract below and fax, mail, or email it to us at the destinations listed below.

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