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Expungement Forms

Expungements (Adult)

This form is to be used by those seeking to expunge incidents from their ADULT Utah criminal history. Using the form “Application for Expungement of Adult Criminal History” will cause a delay of several months if you are trying to expunge your juvenile criminal history.

For more information about expunging Utah criminal records, click here.

Automatic and Petitioned Expungement Verification Application

This form can be used to request your records that have been automatically expunged and expunged through the petition process from the Utah Criminal History system.

Expungements (Juvenile)

The juvenile courts require you to provide a certificate of your adult Utah criminal history report in order to apply for a juvenile record expungement. The following form is needed to obtain the certificate. Failing to use the following form will cause a delay in the juvenile expungement process.

Expungements (Board of Pardon)

If you have been denied an expungement through Bureau Criminal Identification (BCI).  You may contact the Utah Board of Pardons & Parole
at for further information regarding pardoned expungements for Utah criminal records.

Board of Pardon Expungement Order(s)

Vacatur (Human Trafficking) Expungements

Removal of Name From the Sex Offender/Kidnap Registry

This form is to be used by those seeking to remove their name from the Sex Offender/Kidnap Registry.

Removal of Name from the White Collar Registry

This form is to be used by those seeking early removal of their name from the White Collar Crime Registry.