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Ellsworth Wilson MIELKE

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In September 1947, police started a search for truck driver Ellsworth Wilson Mielke, age 33, of Salt Lake City. His abandoned truck was found parked at the Lagoon resort 18 miles north of Salt Lake City. According to resort attendants, it had been abandoned for some time. When police tracked down the car’s registration, they spoke to Ellsworth’s wife. She reported that he had been missing since August 25th, 1947. Ellsworth drove the large truck to Tremonton on August 17th and returned to Salt Lake City on August 25th to his employer, the Gould Gasoline Transportation Company. Around 11 am to noon, Ellsworth told his boss that he felt ill and was told to go home. He never made it home and was never seen again. A cap and his lunch bucket were found in the abandoned vehicle, and the keys were still in the ignition. His wife said Ellsworth, a father of three, was not depressed, but his back sometimes bothered him, and he had experienced blackout spells in the past(though he hadn’t had one in some time).

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