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Jane DOE-Salt Lake City

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The deceased was found floating in a canal east of the Salt Lake City Sewage Treatment Plant. Estimated to be between 20-40 years of age. Estimated year of death 1986. Items found near the deceased were a pink comb, pink toothbrush, purple bracelet that unclicks and turns into a pen, a blue and white dress that appears to be homemade, has a cardboard tag on it with the #10 written on it. Items found on the deceased, long sleeve white blouse, levi material pants with button and zipper in them. A watch, brand is advance with a round, black face and an off-white checker pattern inside the glass. There are no numbers on the watch, on the bottom of the watch it says Quartz and Japan, there is a design of a swimmer. There was a ring with dark metal with black stone “sterling” stamped on the inner rim.

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