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Jesse Glen PINEGAR

Cold Case Tip Hotline: 833-DPS-SAFE (833-377-7233)

Jesse Glen Pinegar flew to Hawaii from his home in Orem, Utah for a vacation in January 2008. He hiked into the Kalalau Valley and set up a campsite five miles from the trailhead. He stayed in contact with his family by cellular phone. His family last heard from him on March 24, 2008. He told them he was going to take one last hike before coming back home to attend a family event. He has never been seen again. After his disappearance, another hiker found Pinegar’s campsite abandoned with all his personal belongings, including his clothing, camping equipment and Ipod, only his wallet, cellular phone and backpack were missing. His case remains unsolved.

Contact Orem public safety at (801) 229-7070


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