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The badly decomposed body of an adult Native-American male was found in the brush by the Colorado River on September 1st, 1967 by fishermen. The body was found just west of the Colorado/Utah border near the town of Westwater. It is estimated the body had been there about two to four months. Evidence at the scene led investigators to believe the body was thrown from a truck. A wallet laid about six feet from the body. The wallet contained an ID for Everett Laysbad, a Native American from the Sioux Indian Reservation at Porcupine, South Dakota. Authorities in Grand Junction, Colorado stated that Mr. Laysbad was known to them and was on probation for auto theft. He was last seen about June 27th in the Grand Junction area. Sheriff Haskell Bowman said there were possible indications of foul play: a crack between the eyes and a hole at the back of the skull, possibly from a bullet. The body was sent to the State Medical Examiners office for further investigation and positive identification. In May 1968, almost nine months later, it was announced that the body was NOT that of Everett Laysbad. It was the opinion of the assistant pathologist that the skull was not that of a Native American, and jewelry that Mr. Laysbad was known to wear was absent from the body. It is unknown what happened to the unidentified body after this point.

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