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On April 26th, 1949 an unidentified man was found dead in the transient camp next to the Denver and Rio Grande railroad line near the town of Spring Glen, Utah. Locals recognized him as a man that camped there a few nights with another transient, and they had given the pair some food. The other transient was questioned and admitted he had a meal with the dead man Sunday night and ate breakfast with him Monday morning. He said the unidentified Elderly Man was asleep Monday when he left him. It was reported that the unidentified man mentioned he had visited Telluride, Colorado, and that he was from Kentucky, near the Tennessee border. The man was described as elderly, about 50 years (it says 52 on the death certificate), although a local said that the man had told him he was 69 years old. He was Caucasian and had no identification papers in his clothes. No height or weight was reported for the unidentified man. The cause of death was listed as “Arteriosclerotic Heart Disease,” and there were no marks of violence on his body. He had died within 24 hours of being found.

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