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The body found in the swamps by two young sons of Golden Webster, Kaysville, appears to be that of a short man, probably just a few inches over five feet tall. The Jaws contain no teeth, and clothing apparently consisted of underwear, Green Plaid Trousers, Red Suspenders and a white shirt.

Belief that the man may have been of Japanese Ancestry is also only theoretical, Sheriff Holbrook said “there is not enough left to determine the man’s nationality with out  employing experts,” he added.

Joseph Holbrook, Davis County Sheriff and his Deputies today were still attempting to clear up identification of a body found in the swamp area about four miles northwest of Kaysville.

Sheriff Holbrook reported the theory that the body was that of Sohpus Olson, missing from Hooper, Weber County, for nearly four years, had been exploded. Relatives of Olson, who viewed the body, said the dead man had more hair and was shorter in stature than Olsen.

Olson reportedly left Hooper because he was disgruntled over being placed under Guardianship, and was believed to have headed for California. He would now be nearly 80 years old.

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