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John DOE-Salt Lake City

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On April 26, 1953 an unconscious man was found on the second floor of the Capital Hotel. He was rushed to the Salt Lake County General Hospital but he died while en route. An autopsy determined the man had been stabbed near the center of the chest which pierced his heart. TheĀ  man’s two companions were booked into the County Jail for questioning. The trio had just arrived from Portland, Oregon when they checked into the Hotel, drank, and then went to bed. According to Earle Cecil Barber, when the trio awoke, Ellis Olie Hazelwood, 64, discovered his money missing and accused John Doe of stealing it. John Doe then grabbed Hazelwood in a “serious” gesture which caused Hazelwood to stab him once in the chest. Meanwhile, the police attempted to identify the dead man. He checked in Under the name Johnny Thompson, but his companions knew him as Johnny Beaukins. Paper in his possession gave the Name John F Hansen of 26 N W St. Portland. Police contacted authorities in Portland. They said a man matching that description spent time in a Washington State Prison at Walla Walla, WA. Salt Lake Police obtained John Hansen’s next of Kin’s information. Mr and Mrs A. R. Hansen of Aberden, Idaho, viewed the body at the Desert Mortuary in Salt Lake City and said the body was not their son. Ellis Hazelwood was convicted of Voluntary Manslaughter in the man’s death, but the victim was never positively identified.

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