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Kwnimatsu Kay Inouye

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11/21/1961 Kwnimatsu Kay Inouye was fatally injured during a robbery of his store, Kay’s Market, 227 25th Street, Ogden, Utah. The Robbery was discovered that morning, and Mr. Inouye died later that night. Money was stolen from the store register and Mr. Inouye’s wallet was missing. Mr. Inouye was found by a customer at 08:58 hours, bleeding from wounds to his head but still on his feet. Mr. Inouye was transported to the Hospital, where he later died. An autopsy revealed he had been struck multiple times on his head causing skull fractures. The only clue initially provided to police was of a man wearing a dark green overcoat walking into the store around the time of the robbery. Ogden police investigators developed a person of interest in the crime, but that person has not been charged with the homicide, and in 1972, this case was described as unsolved.

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