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Lucy Margaret MONTOYA

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On 5/31/1988 at 0215 hours, an Ogden resident called to report several people fighting at the Marshall White Center and Heard Glass Breaking. When Officers arrived, they did not see anyone in the area, but located Lucy Margaret Montoya laying on the lawn at the Northeast side of the Center. Officers were unable to find pulse and summoned medical personnel. When Paramedics checked Lucy, they found she had been stabbed in the upper right area of her chest and she was deceased.

Lucy was wearing a red, blue, yellow, and white plaid long sleeve shirt jacket, a white sleeveless cotton top with blue stripes, tan and brown polyester slacks with a checkered pattern, and pink ankle stockings. Lucy was clutching a pair of blue sandals in her left hand.

The Autopsy determined Lucy Margaret Montoya died as a result of a single stab wound to the chest; cause of death stab wound of the chest and the manner of death was homicide.

Investigators interviewed numerous people during their investigation but were unable to identify who stabbed Lucy.

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