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Marty James Shook

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Marty Shook, a 21 year old white male, left Sparks Nevada on June 12, 1982 sometime in the afternoon. Shook told family members he was going to Colorado to look for work and that he would be hitch hiking. Shook was an accomplished hitcher and would travel the same route exclusively.  Nothing is known of the victims activities from the time he left the Reno area until his body was found in Wasatch County, Utah on June 14, 1982.  On June 14, 1982 Wasatch County received a call regarding a possible homicide/dead body discovered near Daniels Creek on Hwy 40. The body was located by a fisherman . Wasatch County deputies responded to where the body was located. At the scene the body of a white male adult was located on the south side of U.S. 40, within three feet of Daniels Creek. The body was found nude, lying on his back, with his knees pulled slightly up, as if he had been picked up and dropped into the willows at the edge of the creek. The male had shoulder length auburn hair, a thin scraggly beard and mustache. There was a fair amount of blood on the head and face of the victim. The male subject had identifying tattoos: a black spider on a red back ground located above his left breast and a lightning bolt with the word “crash” inscribed through it located on his upper arm. Upon moving the body it was discovered that the subject had been castrated. Genitalia was completely absent. Autopsy reports states the male dies of a single gunshot wound to the back of the head, behind the left ear from a .38 caliber weapon. Castration was done post mortem. It is believed the body was dumped after death so an additional crime scene is possible. The victim left Nevada with his personal belongings in a back pack that he carried, along with a bed roll and the clothes he was wearing. No idea how much if any money he was carrying. None of the victims belongs were recovered.

Wasatch County Sheriffs (435) 657-3547  Sgt. Jim Brown

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