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John Doe-Millard County

Unidentified Cold Case Tip Hotline: 833-DPS-SAFE (833-377-7233)

Geologists working on a drilling rig found the decedent on the shore of Sevier Lake in a very remote part of Millard county. How long the decedent has been dead is difficult to determine due to the unique environment he was found in. He could have been dead before the summer of 2011 or up to 15 years. The height range is 66 inches to 71 inches tall. Clothing on the body: Red shirt (size 26/28, no logo, button down with collar, “Stretch” brand label. Black ski cap (“Cal” written on front, “Golden Bears” written on back). Black hoodie (XL, no logo, “Club Athlete” brand label). Black sweatshirt (XL, no logo, “Fruit of the Loom” brand label.) Pants (36X32, “Black Label” brand label, color degraded.) Gray hoodie (zipper in front, XXXL, “Fruit of the Loom” brand label.) Belt (color degraded.)

Millard County Sheriff’s Office (435) 743-5302



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