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Renew Your Permit

Concealed Firearm Permit Renewal
Starting on May 29, 2019, permit holders are required to watch a firearm safety/suicide prevention video in order to renew your permit. The video is available by clicking on the link above and starting the online or paper renewal process.

If you choose to renew online you will need the capability to upload a passport quality photo.  If you reside in a state (other than Utah) that honors the Utah permit you will be asked to upload a copy of your valid resident state permit.  If you need assistance during the online submission of your concealed firearm permit, please call 877-988-3468.

If you have a Provisional concealed firearm permit you cannot renew it. You must apply for the standard concealed firearm permit. Instructions can be found by clicking here.

Online Concealed Firearm Instructor Renewal
Utah Concealed Firearm instructors can now start the renewal process online.  You will need the capability to upload a passport quality photo. 

If you have paid a registration fee by email or mail do not proceed with the online concealed firearm instructor renewal.